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Being visible is the eldorado of all content creators, right?

But how?

Between having to write regularly for your blog, respecting its editorial line, and responding to comments under your articles (when there are any), you feel like you’re not doing it right. 😬

You want people to talk about you, your articles, relay them on social networks.

Have you ever tried to write guest posts to publicize your blog? This technique is a strategy to adopt as soon as possible.


To put the odds on your side and no longer be lagging behind in popularity.

Follow these tips.

Why submit a guest post?

Bloggers are scared. 😱

But why?

Often you are under pressure and do not dare to contact other people.
This is normal, especially if you are just starting out on your blogging journey. The lack of experience and the little content on your site can undermine your confidence and your will to go against other bloggers.

It’s common to not feel legitimate or important enough for the blogger in front of you to accept an article from you on their site.

But, in reality, what does it cost you to try?

At worst, it will be a refusal, at best, a new experience, a boosted blog and a backlink to your site. 👍

Something else. Perhaps even by offering your writing services for a guest post, you will help the blogger.

Help him? But how?

Him, what he sees is clearly his own interest. It’s logical, you’re not friends!
By writing an article for him, you allow him to save time (since he does not write himself) and perhaps even money (he can do something else during this time).
Your article can allow him to position himself on other keywords that he did not have before.

So, the blogger’s expectations will be:

  • that the invited article is of high quality;
  • that it corresponds to its marketing target, its persona, to offer value to its blog.

In the search for guest articles, there must be a form of win-win. It is very important to dwelling on the why.

Why would the blogger accept a guest article on his site and what will it bring him to publish it?

Your arguments to convince the blogger to accept a guest post will be:

  • saving content and time (for the blogger); ⌚
  • quality and optimized content, which will attract traffic to its site, FREE (this is where you need to put your SEO skills forward).

Why am I telling you all this?

Because you don’t have to be afraid anymore (I know, it’s easy to say!).
But getting a rejection isn’t going to kill you, you need to put an end to your impostor syndrome and move on. 🚀

You have to dare, don’t hesitate, and publishing a guest article will quickly become child’s play!

For whom to write guest articles?

Now you know why it is important to write guest posts. Gain visibility, establish growing notoriety, obtain backlinks, in short, a lot of advantages!

On the other hand, being rigorous and complying with a few simple rules is necessary.

Write guest articles on your topic

It is important to contact people who are in your topic.


Because with a guest post, you will have a backlink that will point to your own site. As a result, it is really essential to respect this first thematic rule.
If your travel blogger friend wants to write a guest post for your blog on the subject of video games, you can suggest that he abstain! 😅

Guest article: pay attention to the visibility of the blog

Your decision is made.

You are going to write a great article for a blogger you really like. But, have you checked the quality of its audience? Because as long as you take the time to write a complete article that brings value, as much as it is for a site that has a greater reputation than you, right?

To check this, you can:

  • study site traffic using tools like  ;
  • see the number of comments under old articles;
  • check the number of articles shared on social networks;
  • analyze the backlinks present on the site in question with Majestic SEO ;
  • measure its trust flow (trust index) and its popularity (also with Majestic SEO).

Something else.

Remember to check if the links on the blog you want to solicit are in dofollow.

How do I find guest posts?

Attention teaser! 📣

I reveal a little secret that I reveal in my online training. The idea is to explain some tips to help you find your happiness.

How do I find bloggers who accept guest posts?

It’s easy.

You just need, for example, to type on Google the subject of a blog (“cooking” blog) + guest article. By typing these keywords, Google will highlight the sites where it appears. So it will potentially be blogs that are open to guest posts. You can even find blogs that explain the process to propose these articles in question.

One last piece of advice that seems important to me.

The idea is not to try to add 10 links pointing to your site (one or two links are enough). The goal is not to over-optimize or overdo it. You have to stay logical and keep in mind that the user experience is paramount. 😉

Guest article: convincing the blogger

Here we go, it’s time to take the plunge!

You may have an inimitable editorial style, but the blogger you’re canvassing doesn’t know it yet.

You will have to stand out, stand out and ensure that your pen is recognized and appreciated.

1/ Do not write an email that is too generic. Personalize it so that it is completely adapted to your interlocutor. I will never repeat it enough, but the authenticity and the feeling that the person in front of us knows who we are, are really essential in my opinion.


2/ Propose two or three ideas for guest articles that you would like to cover. Indicate the angle you want to take in this article and why not the key query.


3 / Highlight your SEO know-how obtained thanks to great training (I say that I say nothing 😇) and explain why you direct your article in one way rather than another. For example, by explaining that the chosen key query is not very competitive. The title of the article is also very important. An optimized and impactful title skyrockets your click-through rate!


4 / A link to your personal website and your portfolio to show that you have an identical editorial line is a plus not to be overlooked.


5/ If the blogger you are soliciting has already put conditions on their site for writing guest articles, prove to your interlocutor that you have read them and that you are going to apply them.


I must tell you that despite your sympathetic canvassing by e-mail, a certain number of bloggers will not even give you an answer.

It’s annoying, but it shouldn’t discourage you!

It does not matter, in the lot, there are bound to be those who will say yes!

Last thing.

No need to write a novel. Go to the essential so as not to get your interlocutor drunk and drown your request in the mass. An email of fewer than 150 words is more than enough if your argument is coherent and well worked out.

Mistakes to avoid with guest blogging

When you decide to offer our services for writing guest articles, it is common to fall into certain traps.

Do not panic!

I’ll show you the mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Putting Your Own Interests First

Your blog is great, your articles even better, you have expertise in such and such a field, OK, we get it. Writing guest posts requires a little smarter than self-promotion. A bit of here, a touch of storytelling there, one or two backlinks to your own content (in complete transparency), and you’re done.

Mistake #2: Being too personal

Adapting to your target’s editorial line is not necessarily easy. Why not submit your ideas to the blogger to work together on this common project?

Mistake #3: Not knowing the difference between dofollow and nofollow

Dofollow, nofollow, link juice, all this little vocabulary can quickly drive you crazy. Yet it is (almost) simple. Remember to ask for a dofollow link to your website when you insert a link on the blogger’s article. The dofollow explains to Google that your link can be referenced by search engines.

Mistake #4: Not putting a CTA at the end of the article

Why write a guest article if it’s to forget to put a final call to action (CTA)? I’m told in the headset that some of you don’t know what a CTA is. 🤔

So, the CTA is a call-to-action text. Generally, it contains an action verb such as “click here” or “join my training”. 😋

What is his goal?

To discover your universe, of course.
Offer to discuss in comments, ask for opinions, and above all be aware that this is the last image that readers will have of you. So, be inventive, punchy, and have fun! 🔥

Guest Post FAQs

Guest Post FAQs

  • Become a trusted person in your topic.
  • Publicize your blog.
  • Reach a new audience.
  • Create a relationship with other bloggers.
  • Get backlinks.
  • Writing articles in advance without having a specific site to offer it to.
  • Promote it in the guest post, forgetting who you are writing for.
  • Being too personal in writing your articles.
  • Not knowing the difference between dofollow and nofollow links.
  • Do not add a call to action at the end of your articles.